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We’re an international software company full of data experts and enthusiasts developing Ataccama ONE—an AI-powered data management & governance platform that helps our customers do amazing things with their (big) data.

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Life of an ATA Managing Consultant — Meet Dom

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Ataccama for Ukraine

Since the breakout of the Russo-Ukrainian war, Ataccamers have, spontaneously at first, started organizing to provide aid and relief to Ukraine and…

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ATA Women: Inspiration in Every Department

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Welcome to Ataccama Origins, a new series shining a spotlight on seven of our Spaceport leaders. Since our big SpaceUP reorganization, we’ve been…

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Life of a Software Engineer: Zdenek

It goes without saying, but our daily lives would be massively different without software engineers. Chances are you know someone with this title, or…

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Anomaly Detection with Richard

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TypeScript Solutions: Converting Object Props With Undefined Type to Optional Props

How to Convert Object Props With Undefined Type to Optional Properties in TypeScript As a front-end developer, I solve problems every day. At…

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