Kicking Things Off With the Sales Team

Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller

1 minute read

Tue Dec 20, 2022

Kicking Things Off With the Sales Team

Like most, we like to start off the fiscal year with a little reflection and a lot of enthusiasm. And our sales teams around the world know how to do this best.

Over the two-day Sales Kick Off we had three regional events in Toronto, Sydney and Prague, just a few cities where we have office locations.

This year’s Kick Off was particularly special, and a turning point for our sales department. For one, the attendance numbers were double from last year’s Kick Off. In other words, our sales team has been growing and growing to meet our targets.

Our customer-facing teams didn’t waste a moment of this valuable time together and had a full schedule: connecting with their colleagues, learning from team members throughout the business, and hearing from our leadership about where Ataccama is headed.

Our CEO Michal shared Ataccama’s Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAG) and how we plan to achieve them. Scaling has been crucial to our growth over the last year, and we spent time during the Kick Off learning about how we’re operationalizing what we do to continue scaling ourselves and the company this fiscal year. Another key takeaway from the Kick Off was the need to collaborate to drive Ataccama’s growth.

Of course, no Sales Kick Off would be complete without enjoying some team building activities together! In Toronto, the team had the chance to join in on some axe throwing action, where two VPs Drew Stark and Nick Stammers went head to head in a toss battle.

The events were chalked up as being the best Sales Kick Off Ataccama has had to date — and we’re already thinking ahead to the 2024 Sales Kickoff event. We can’t wait to start planning early next year!

Want to get in on the fun at the next Kick Off? Join our team!

Visit to see what roles are open near you!

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