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Cooperation with our clients doesn’t end after signing a contract. We aim to make sure everyone using Ataccama products is truly getting the most out of their experience. The Professional Services team serves our customers by delivering training, onboarding, upgrades, and a number of other services so they can continue to do amazing things with their data.


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Professional services


The Professional Services team ensures that all our customers have a successful implementation experience. We play many roles including platform standup, architecting of the solution, implementation, and lastly, knowledge transfer alongside training. Customers come to us for our expertise in both the product and industry knowledge.


VP of Professional Services

Daniel Linkedin

For a few months, you may be an architect using a MDM solution for a financial company. Shortly after, you might be analyzing the data quality and providing a data governance solution for someone in the healthcare space. Customers trust us to provide insight into how to approach their needs. The services role provides the flexibility to focus either solely on one customer or spread your time across a set of diverse ones.

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