Our Product & Engineering departments are made up of more than 200 colleagues all over the world, with an R&D center located in Prague. The Product department manages the ongoing operation and maintenance of Ataccama ONE.


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The Documentation team bridges the gap between R&D and our users, whether consultants, support, or clients. Think of them as science communicators but for a specific software product. They gather information from industry experts, engineers, and other specialists and transform it into accurate, simple, yet comprehensive content that is suitable for a much wider audience.

Product Design

Product design drives the vision behind Ataccama ONE and imagines the future we’re trying to create. We’re on a mission to design a beautifully crafted, reliable, easy-to-use product that empowers our users every step of the way.

Product Leadership

Product Leadership coordinates our Product section, aligning design with research and management to produce stellar results, streamline communication between teams and keep everything running smoothly.

Product Management

The captains at Product Management keep the Ataccama boat straight and steady. They take care of our products’ life cycles - from development to pricing - and keep our output powerful, practical and relevant.

UX Research

The UX Research team helps our product teams create the best possible product for our customers. They help our Product Managers, Designers, Developers, and the product team in general to better understand our users and add realistic contexts and insights to our design processes.


VP Product Operations

Tomas Linkedin

Without Product, there's no product. Help us to define it and coordinate actions across the org to enable its success. Looking for a power player with low ego, deep care, and high agency. Join my team!


A Spaceport is a team of 20 to 45 colleagues whose job is to own a part of our Product. It’s based on our very own agile methodology of organization of work called SpaceUP.

Find the whole story of how we developed and implemented SpaceUP

Data Governance

Data Governance

Data governance means managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems. The Data Governance Spaceport finds, catalogs and, of course, uses data & metadata in order to understand the relationships and data flows between them and govern data more effectively.

Data Quality

Data Quality

The Data Quality Spaceport’s mission is to make high-quality data available to everyone who needs it for their work. The Spaceport’s members help customers discover data anomalies, fix them, and ultimately trust their data so they can create and innovate better.

Data Stories

Data Stories

The Data Stories Spaceport governs our newest product, Data Stories - a rapid data visualization tool designed to create, present, and share data-driven narratives using dynamic reports, animations and tooltips. The Data Stories Spaceport maintains the Data Stories SaaS application, as well as governing the integration between Data Stories and Ataccama One.

Data Integration

Data Integration

The Data Integration Spaceport provides the foundation for data processing capabilities, connectivity and extensibility of Ataccama products. In short, this team ensures that when a user performs a data source-related task in Ataccama ONE, it will be executed in the fastest, most scalable and reliable manner possible.



Ataccama Master Data Management (MDM) is an advanced, scalable, and highly available platform designed to consolidate and provide master data management tasks. The MDM Spaceport maintains and updates this fully metadata (data model) driven data processing system, with a strong emphasis on Data Quality Management.



The ICOPS Spaceport encompasses everything surrounding cloud and similar technologies. Everything from running our customer’s cloud environments, to providing developers’ platform for our engineering, to handling hybrid deployments and proactive security.

Product Foundation

Product Foundation

The Product Foundation Spaceport builds and manages several of our platform’s customer-facing components – configurable storage, configurable UI, audit, design system, AI core, localization, authentication, and performance testing.

ONE Data

One Data

The ONE Data Spaceport builds a module that empowers business users to transform their data into governed data products available organization-wide. This versatile module helps our customers with tasks like reference data or data quality issue management.

ONE Portal

One Platform

The purpose of the One Portal Spaceport is to build a public domain - - where the user can log in, spin an environment, upgrade from a demo to a POC and run without limitations.

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