Welcome to Ataccama


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Thu Oct 8, 2020

Welcome to Ataccama

Who we are

We’re a growing, international software company building an AI-powered data management platform to help our customers make sense of their data — and having a lot of #ChallengingFun along the way.

There are 300+ of us (and counting) from 20+ countries and 6 continents (no one from Antarctica — yet). Around a third of Ataccamers are women, working in and leading various teams, from dev and product management to sales, marketing, and HR.

We like to be where our customers are. Our headquarters are in Toronto, and we have teams in 9 offices around the world, including Prague, London, Paris, Sofia, and Sydney. Around 75% of our clients are based in North America.

What we do

We’re building Ataccama ONE, an AI-powered data management platform that helps our enterprise customers analyze, process, manage, monitor, and generally create business value with their (big) data. We’ve been recognized as a leader by experts in the field for more than a decade, and we work with some of the biggest, most successful companies around the globe.

What we really do

Too complex, not clear? No problem — let’s take it easy. Here’s what we really do.

Work hard, play hard, chill out

We have a lot of fun and many of us hang out during and after work — a lot of us are into sports (running, cycling, squash, skiing), and some of us enjoy board games, gaming evenings, and spending time with each other. We even have our very own Ataccama band that meets regularly and rocks our company events. Our Prague offices host weekly breakfasts. One of our favorite benefits is our well-stocked office library, where we can order books of our choice. Others prefer the playroom, complete with an Xbox and 3D printer. Every summer the whole company meets in Europe to celebrate the collaboration among our offices. We make friends, learn, eat, party, and plan future projects.

We’re really proud of our offices

We recently made a video about life in our Prague office. It’s a great place to work, but don’t take our word for it. Ready to see for yourself? Join us on a virtual office tour below or just swing by and have a cup of coffee. We’d love to meet you and show you around — or loan you one of our electric scooters.

HUG it out with Ataccama

We’re passionate about the latest technologies and have put that energy into building one of the largest tech communities in Prague — HUG: Big Data Meetup Prague. We’ve hosted 50+ meetups over the past 5 years and have grown to nearly 1500 members. Join us and learn from local (big) data experts, or chat with occasional guest speakers from abroad.

Ataccama is an open, unlimited playground. We’re invested in you. We want to hear what you enjoy, what’s not quite working, what you want to do more of, and what you want to learn. Show us your stuff and grow into the position that’s right for you.

Ready for a new playground? Find your role at jobs.ataccama.com.