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Platform Engineering is our strategic investment in the reliability and efficiency of how we work as a team and how we deliver our solutions to customers. We own many parts of our production systems from overall networking topology right up to delivering our platform on top of Kubernetes clusters.
We are looking for an experienced engineer well versed in modern cloud-based infrastructure and tooling to help us strongly enhance our ability to design, implement, deploy, and reliably operate our cloud workloads. Someone who understands the value of automating oneself out of a job every 18 months and who enjoys challenging the status-quo in the spirit of better solutions.
This role combines several key areas of impact, and because it belongs to our operations team, it has a direct influence on our ability to deliver solutions to our customers - both internal and external - in a sustainable fashion. You will contribute to the overall direction of our cloud strategy and help drive many cross-team initiatives that support our next-generation offering. 

Your Challenge

  • Help the broader platform team define, design, and implement a vision for production cloud capability in multiple areas across multiple cloud platforms.
  • Understand the hurdles and challenges that our teams face and come up with ideas and solutions to help us move forward.
  • Implement critical pieces of infrastructure and help define best practices for the organization.


  • Proven track record of designing and delivering non-trivial solutions on top of one (or more) of the major public clouds - AWS, Azure or GCP.
  • Firm grasp of reliability engineering concepts and the ability to apply them to your designs right from the design stage.
  • Hands-on capability using contemporary automation tools for orchestration (such as Terraform) and configuration management (i.e. Ansible).
  • Experience designing and managing containerized workloads on top of Kubernetes clusters (or other orchestrators) at scale.
  • Ability to deal with and navigate ambiguous situations because you are a natural leader that others can lean on.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to help drive long-term projects end-to-end where collaboration with other teams is required.

Your Habits and Values

  • You favor proper technical discourse and are comfortable making choices based on merit and consensus that you can personally drive.
  • You enjoy working transparently, leading by example, and are always ready to lend a helping hand to  your team members.
  • You have a propensity for ownership and ensuring that you are solving the right problems.
  • You prefer incremental delivery of value over perfection. 
  • You have a habit of learning, as our field is constantly developing.
  • You can acknowledge failure, learn from it, and move on.

What Gives You an Edge

  • Practical understanding of security in cloud environments.
  • Solid scripting or programming skills in a relevant programming language of choice, such as Python, Go or Rust.
  • Exposure to distributed systems engineering and operations.
  • Experience working with remote teams.

Perks & Benefits

  • A collaborative, transparent, and engaging culture, working with awesome technology
  • Experienced team to support your professional growth
  • Room to adjust and expand your role based on your individual skills and interests
  • Competitive compensation package and perks (corporate discounts on travel, fitness, attractions and shopping)
  • Outstanding health, vision and dental benefits
  • Annual package of counseling sessions to support your mental health & well-being
  • Lucrative employee referral program
  • Learning and development support (including conferences, workshops and certifications)
  • Healthy snacks and refreshments in the kitchen
  • Company and team social events throughout the year
  • Excellent office location in downtown Toronto, close to Union station

We offer equal opportunities

Ataccama is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We know diversity fuels knowledge exchange, fosters innovation, and empowers us to grow and be better as a company and as humans. We seek to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool.

We are committed to fair and accessible employment practices. If you are contacted for a job opportunity, please let us know how we can best meet your needs and advise us of any accommodations required to ensure fair and equitable access throughout the recruitment and selection process.

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